A Little Box of Home

Missing your favourites from the UK?
BritBox carefully curates goodies from good ole England and delivers them to your doorstep each month.

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About BritBox

BritBox delivers the unique flavor of the UK each and every month. Our goals are to give UK expatriates a ‘little box of home’ and to introduce our other friends to the best British goodies!

BritBox was created by Tammy Nicholson, an expat now living in California. Born and raised in Northern England, Tammy served in the Royal Navy before moving to the States in 2006. She had no idea how much she would miss many of the foods, sauces, sweets, teas and other treats from home. Don't even get her started on her love and much missed taste for a decent curry!!!

She quickly found out that she wasn’t alone. Get togethers with other expats would often include reminiscing about the foods they missed or a ‘healthy debate’ about the best sweets or crisps from home – Monster Munch, Bacon Fries, Frazzles, Hula Hoops or Quavers anyone?!

On her visits home, she stocked up on all of her favourites and brought them back to California. Some were kept for anytime she needed a little taste from home. The rest was shared with friends. There was something for all tastes and everything was 100% authentic from the UK.
That was the beginning of BritBox.

Today, Tammy thoughtfully crafts each months’ BritBox to deliver a delicious, fun and authentic ‘box of home’. She sources the best products from all around the UK and carefully creates packages that include something for everyone. Each box is perfect to share with friends and family, but you may just want to keep it all to yourself. Don’t worry, we won’t tell!

How it Works

Step 1

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It can be for yourself or a friend, and NO, they do not have to be British!! Nor do you! You just get kudos points for appreciating British goodies! (BritBox appreciates you!!!)

Step 2

We Carefully Package and Ship

Once a month, a fabulous blue box full of the best treats from the UK arrives on your doorstep. Usually around the 4th / 5th of each month.

Step 3


Yes, it's that simple! The only difficult part is choosing what to enjoy first!!! The good thing? Another piece of home will arrive next month in that fabulous blue box!

Goodies you might find in your next BritBox